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Sarah M. says:

It matters not if I come to Lisa for a gentle, nurturing massage or for healing work after a car accident, Lisa is so good at both. Best of all she listens and accommodates my needs. In today's economy it is hard to decide where best to spend money, but this I know, don't give up the life affirming, healing benefits of massage. An hour with Lisa Wood is money invested in yourself.

Susan M. says:

Feeling safe, supported, nurtured and connected are the primary elements to receiving a massage. The art of offering this, on top of excellent massage skills, is Lisa Wood's forte'. I've been a regular client of Lisa's for two years. Her consistent application of care has never faltered. She's become a deeply trusted friend, one I can rely on for relief, especially when I'm stressed. Lisa is a woman of integrity and worth.

Pam M. says:

I have been coming to Lisa for massages for about 4 months now and I have a frozen shoulder she is helping to unfreeze. I am 85% healed and I am so thankful for her expertise on this matter to help clear it. She photo copied some literature for me to help me understand where the stem of the problem started to how to help myself work through it, too. Not many people around can give a good deep massage but Lisa is very strong and knows exactly what she is doing when giving one. She is willing to do as requested and also does light relaxing massages. I would recommend her to anyone and when my insurance ends, she will be the only massage therapist I will come to for relaxation or therapy.

Theresa S. says:

I highly recommend Crescent Moon for massage therapy. Appointments are easy to come by and the massage is incredible. Since they accept insurance I can now go more than once a year. Lisa's deep tissue massage is to die for. I leave so relaxed it makes it so worth it.

 Todd R. says:

Having patronized dozens of massage practitioners, Lisa Wood is by far the best I have found. For over two years she has brought more relaxation and relief from pain than anyone else has ever been able to give me. Her price is modest considering her abilities and my insurance is accepted. I cannot possibly recommend her more highly, be sure to let her know your needs. I like deep tissue work, some like less intensity.

 Teresa B. says:

It can be hard to find a friendly, professional massage clinic that takes insurance. Crescent Moon Massage has everything you could ask for: creative, calming atmosphere, knowledgeable massage therapists, and centrally located. Lisa can really isolate and undo those problem spots, and she is surprisingly strong! I strongly recommend checking her out!

 Christine L. says:

I love going to Lisa Wood at Crescent Moon. She is so cheerful and her massages are absolutely wonderful!I always feel so much better after going to her.I am kind of picky about what I like done, and she is always super accommodating and nice about it.I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs to relax for a while or needs help with stress management, has been injured or just to do something healthy for your body.Thank you Lisa!

 Shannon H. says:

I highly recommend Crescent Moon Massage Therapy-they are very professional, the place is friendly and relaxing-I always leave feeling great. To top it off-they accept insurance.

I always set up another appointment to be sure I can get in.

 J Linn H. says:

I am a massage therapist and I am always on the lookout for very good massage therapists for myself and as referrals for clients that I either can't get on my schedule or are looking for a different type of work. Lisa is wonderful. She has a no nonsense approach that gets to the root of the problem. She is sensitive and professional, always wants to know you are getting what you need. Though the work is deep and sometimes intense, it is oddly relaxing and is capable of giving me the complete massage package. I highly recommend Lisa.

 Lauri J. says:

I have been to several massage therapists, and Lisa is the best yet. She listens to what your needs are and provides a great massage. She does various types of massages, but what I was looking for was someone who really has strength, and gives a good deep tissue massage. You wont find a better massage therapist, and besides-she is professional and friendly!

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