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This full-body massage is designed to soothe tired muscles, improve circulation and promote relaxation. Light to medium pressure is applied.

$ 80 one hour

$105.00 one hour and 30 minutes


A therapeutic massage using a wide variety of techniques and firm pressure. Ideal for chronic muscle tension and over worked muscles.

$90 one hour

$115 one hour and 30 minutes


Did you know that if you have a claim for a motor vehicle accident and you have personal injury protection on that claim, YOU are entitled to massage therapy for your injuries? A simple doctor's prescription will be your ticket to receiving massage therapy and getting back on the road to recovery. Your massage therapist does all of your billing and your insurance company reimburses your massage therapist. This type of massage also applies to Labor and Industries/Worker's Compensation.

 PLEASE NOTE: I only do first party auto insurance claims, which means it's your auto insurance policy and not the other party's insurance involved in the accident.

$140 one hour


I am only accepting FIRST CHOICE Insurance at this time. Please check back for updates.

GIFT CERTIFICATES ARE AVAILABLE AND ARE VERY POPULAR GIFTS FOR YOUR LOVED ONES! All co pays and deductibles for medical insurance are due at the time of service unless other arrangements have been made. Cash, Credit Cards or Checks accepted!

Cancellation and Charges:

Treatments you select are reserved especially for you. I require a minimum of 24 hours advance notice to cancel a single treatment. Without notification, full payment may be charged. In cases of emergencies, the fee will be waived but most likely you will be forgiven and not charged for your missed appointment if it does not happen repeatedly.